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Short term loans for bad credit explained?

Many Direct lenders now offer a wide array of short-term loans for bad credit to those people who have had problems with getting approved due to bad credit so that more people have access to small loans.

Direct lenders offering short-term loans understand that traditional credit scoring may no longer show a clear picture of a borrower’s ability to pay back a loan. So many direct lenders in the UK have now started to look at alternative more relevant details when determining an application such as your current income and expenditure, residential status and employment status.

Short-term loans are now being offered by direct lenders to people who may not have qualified due to bad credit. It is important to bear in mind that like most other short-term loans, the loans offered are for smaller amounts and are over a shorter repayment period of between one month to 12 months. These loans allow people quicker access to money during an emergency.

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How do I apply for a short-term loan with bad credit?

Direct lenders do not believe that having a bad credit score should be a barrier to allowing you access to a short-term loan an emergency. Therefore, our panel of direct lenders is more likely to approve your application for a short-term loan even if you do happen to have a bad credit score.

We work with a panel of Direct lenders in the UK which when you apply for a short term loan your details will be matches instantly with a direct lender who can give you the best possible deal on your loan.

Working with a panel of direct lenders it is more likely that your application will be approved. This, therefore, reduces the worry that your credit score would be negatively impacted due to your application being denied.

This way applying for a short term loan with bad credit it is more likely that your application will be approved due to more Direct lenders in the UK making these short term loans available to borrowers with bad credit.

What can a small, short-term loan bad credit be used for?

Once you receive the money into your bank account you are free to spend the money how you wish. Although it is strongly recommended that short-term loans are used to address immediate and urgent financial demands. Short-term loans should never be used for frivolous spending such as a night out on the town.

Annual interest rate of 292% (Fixed)

For example:

£200 borrowed for 35 days

Annual interest rate of 292% (Fixed)

Total amount payable is £256

1212% APR Representative

Car Repair

Unexpected Bills

Broken Boiler


Living Expenses

Home Improvements

Do these short-term loans require a credit check?

There is no way around this, but The Financial Conduct Authority requires that the direct lender perform a credit check on all loan applications. No responsible direct lender would offer a loan without performing a credit check.

In the past having a bad credit score would have made it more difficult for borrowers to get a short term loan. In recent times lots of lenders have modified how that determine the borrowers’ ability to repay a loan this results in more people being approved for loans.

As a general rule, you must avoid any lender or broker claiming to offer short term loans with no credit check since it is not possible to do this under the rules outlined by The Financial Conduct Authority.

Because there are many people in the UK with bad credit scores needing emergency short term loans more and more direct lenders are now offering short term loans for people with bad credit. It is because of this that more and more applications are being accepted for short term loans when in the past they would have been denied.

Is applying for a bad credit loan safe?

You can rest assured that any details you enter into the Cashute website are encrypted between your web browser and our web servers. The same goes for any transmission between our platform and our lenders. At no point is your data in plain clear text. Also, it is important that know that we NEVER hold any of your personal details EVER, only you and your lender will see your personal details.

All loan direct lenders follow very strict procedures to guarantee that your personal details are always kept secure.

What do I need to apply?

Applying for a loan is straightforward and is all online.

Before you start your application have this ready:

Details of your regular monthly income and outgoings

Mobile phone number

Valid email address

Home address for the last three years

Your Bank account

Your Debit card information

bad credit loan

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How do I qualify for a short-term loan bad credit?

When you submit your loan application via Cashute it will be presented to a panel of short-term direct lender who will consider your requested based on the details which you have provided.

Each lender has their own specific criteria and conditions which they use to determine if they are the right lender for you.

Cashute does not make any decisions regarding any loan application although we are authorised by the FCA.

To ensure that you stand a better chance of being approved for a short-term loan we recommend that you double check your details prior to submitting the application. Any errors in the details such as a typo can cause the lead to be rejected by the lenders.

To apply for a short-term loan, you will need to meet the following minimum criteria:

  • 18 years of age or older.
  • A resident of the United Kingdom.
  • Valid checking or savings account.
  • Regular income of at least £500.00 per month.

What does it cost to apply for a short-term loan bad credit?

There is no charge to apply for a payday loan using our website. Nor are you under any obligation to accept any loan offer from the lender. You can apply more than once if you so desire.

Fees may be charged by the direct lender to process with a loan arrangement. Please ensure that you read all the terms and conditions associated to a loan offer prior to accepting it.

I need a Short-term loan with no Credit Check

Some direct payday lenders advertise short-term loans with no credit checks. In the UK it is a requirement as laid out by the Financial Conduct Authority that all firms which provide credit perform a credit check on all applications. There are two types of credit checks that a direct lender can perform on you. There is the soft credit check and the hard credit check. The soft credit check happens when you submit your loan application, this is done so that the direct lender can determine in principle whether they are the appropriate lender to offer you a loan. If you do accept the loan offer, then the direct lender will perform the hard credit check to get a better view of your credit history. Only a hard credit check will leave a visible footprint on your credit report.

How fast can a payday loan be deposited into my bank account?

Direct lenders will strive to have funds paid into your account within a few hours of accepting a loan proposal from the lender. Deposits can be as quick as just 15 mins† of accepting the payday loan. Ultimately payment can be slowed down due to your bank not accepting fast payments which do sometimes mean that the payments take a few hours to show up into your bank account.

How do I apply for the best payday loan?

To apply for a loan is simple, you need to collect your bank details. Provided you meet the criteria listed below you can start your application process:

  • 18 years old
  • UK resident
  • Hold a UK bank account
  • Employed with a regular salary (so you can repay the money that you borrow).
  • Bank details to hand

Once completed submitting the application form by clicking on the “Apply” button and wait for a response from one of our direct lenders. As soon as the best match is found you will receive an email, this should not take long.

When you receive the loan proposal can decide if you wish to proceed with offer, if you do want to proceed with the loan just apply and the funds will be deposited into your bank account within hours, always remember that you can apply with no obligation even if you have bad credit as many direct lenders support payday loans bad credit.

I am finding handing my debts difficult, what should I do?

Should you find yourself not able to repay your monthly instalments or you have not been able to reduce them it is very important to seek advice immediately. The first step is to contact your lender as they may be able to help you, alternatively, you can seek advice from the following organisations.

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to