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Payday Loans for UK Credit Consumers

All it takes are a few unexpected bills to drop through the letter box when money is tight to throw your finances out. You could use your savings to pay for the expensive car repairs or having the boiler overhauled but you need those savings for other purposes. Unexpected bills can feel like someone is stealing your money.

There are options like overdrafts, and you might be tempted to put everything on the credit card just to get the bills paid and have done with them. These options could turn out to be expensive in the long run.

Another option open to you are payday loans from UK direct lenders. Payday loans offer a fast and easy way help you manage your finances between pay cheques.

Will I Need A Credit Check for My Payday Loan?

The law in the UK states that a lender must perform a credit check on all loan applications. If a lender does claim that there are no credit checks you may want to reconsider using that lender. Sometimes a lender will advertise a loan as a “no credit check payday loan”. What they actually mean is that they do not perform a hard credit check when you submit your initial application. A hard credit check is only performed if you accept a lenders loan offer. Before that only a soft credit check is carried out. These soft credit checks are performed to determine if in principle the lender could make you a loan offer.

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Why Payday Loans?

There are many different types of consumer credit available, such as when you buy a car you would take out a car loan. When you purchase a house, you would approach a mortgage lender to help you get a large sum of money which you repay over a long period of time. There are student loans for people heading off to university to help pay for the university fees.

All of the loan types mentioned above are normally for many thousands of pounds that are repaid over many years, up to 40 years in the case of some mortgages.

What about if you only need a small loan for a quick solution to an urgent problem? This is where payday loans come into the picture. The purpose of these types of loans is to offer the UK consumer credit market a new alternative so that people can manage their finances between pay cheques.

Car loans, mortgages, student loans, personal loans, overdrafts, payday loans, there are so many different types of loan products out there and each one is designed for a particular purpose. Not only are each of the loans designed for a particular purpose but they also have their own individual approval and repayments requirements and conditions.

Annual interest rate of 292% (Fixed)

For example:

£200 borrowed for 35 days

Annual interest rate of 292% (Fixed)

Total amount payable is £256

1212% APR Representative

Woman Applying for short term loan

For example, if you purchase a car and take out a car loan the lender may want security for the loan, you could put up the car as security for the loan. Some car financing companies will only finance certain types of cars such as exotic or sports cars.

Mortgages which are for very large sums of money would require you to put down a sizable deposit for security and just like the car loan is repaid over many years. These are two examples of long-term instalment loans whereas payday loans are credit facilities for small amounts of money that are repaid over months and sometimes in just a few weeks.

As you would expect when an emergency strikes which you want it sorted quickly that the solution Is quick too. Payday loans can be accessed via a simple on-line application which only takes a few minutes to complete. You could have the cash in your bank within the hour. (This does depend on your bank).

What do I need to apply?

Applying for a loan is straightforward and is all online.

Before you start your application have this ready

Details of your regular monthly income and outgoings

Mobile phone number

Valid email address

Home address for the last three years

Your Bank account

Your Debit card information

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We send your application to our panel of lenders, once approved you will receive the funds directly to your bank account

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Payday Loan Advantages

What are the advantages of Payday loans over other types of traditional funding options? Here we list all the benefits of UK online payday loans.

On-line Application: You can apply for and manage your entire payday loan process on-line. There is no need to visit the bank or have someone come visit you. Once you submit your application a panel of lenders will evaluate your requirements and then send you a loan offer. If you accept the loan offer you may have the money in your bank account within the hour.

Fast Response: UK Payday direct lenders understand the reason people apply for payday loans. Normally it is to manage an emergency financial situation. Knowing this they will endeavour to have the funds in your bank account quickly so that you can carry on with your day.

Quick Assessments: When you apply for your payday loan each of the lenders will assess your requirements and determine if they are the right lender for you. When you accept a loan offer the lender with examine your credit score to look at your financial history to check for any late payments or defaults in the past.

But your credit history is not the only information the lender uses to determine suitability, how much you earn and whether you can afford the repayments is also a factor. They do not want you to put yourself into position where you would be struggling financially.

Fast Deposits: Unlike other forms of consumer credit which may take days if not weeks to approve and have access to the cash. For example, applying for a new credit card and for it to arrive can take a few days. Payday loans offer the facility to have cash in your bank within an hour or at most the same day.

Designed For Convenience: Applying for a payday loan through Cashute you have access to over 50 UK direct lenders. No more searching one lender after another. The whole Payday loan process is carried out on-line and is designed to be fast and effortless.

No Limit On spending: When you receive your payday loan you can use It for whatever you like. We would strongly advise that your loan is used to deal with a pressing financial emergency such as paying bills for repairs or fines. We do not advise using the funds to pay for luxuries.

Easy Repayments: Payday loan providers make their products easy to access and likewise they also make the terms and conditions easy to understand too. No flexible changing of interest rates like you may find with other consumer credit products. When you are sent the loan offer the interest rate, repayment amounts and any fees are laid out in advance. So, no surprises.

Loans to suit you: Sometimes when you apply for a loan the lender may offer you a different amount in line with what they believe you can comfortably afford to pay.

The whole process from start to finish can be achieved in minutes. This allows you to manage your finances with ease so that you can carry on with your day and not worry about those pesky bills.

If you have bad credit don’t worry. UK direct lenders deal with bad credit loans on a daily basis. They will look at more than just your credit score. Your employment history, your earnings are just as important.

Car Repair

Unexpected Bills

Broken Boiler



Living Expenses

Home Improvements

Over 50 Lenders

No paperwork

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Instant decision

No Credit Foot Print

Fast Deposits

Who is Eligible for Payday Loans?

Every direct lender in the UK will have their own criteria when it comes to who is eligible for a payday loan. Although they all have the same basic legal requirements which are as follows:

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Must be a UK citizen
  • Must have a bank account
  • Can show they have income

On top of the legal requirements you must also provide the following on your application form:

  • Full name
  • Current UK address
  • Employment details
  • Your Monthly income
  • Bank account details

All the details need to be accurate when filling in your payday loan application. The address you provide must match the one on your bank account. If there are any mistakes or omissions from the application form it will delay your application or worst-case scenario your application for a payday loan may be rejected.

Payday lenders will be able to process your application fast if they have all the correct information with which to make sure that they make the right decision and have the cash in your bank fast.

Benefits of short term loans

The biggest benefit is, of course, the ability to respond to an unexpected event with a lump sum of cash. But, compared to other types of credit, there are other benefits to applying for a short-term loan through Cashute:

  • Funds in your account within the hour (hourly payouts between 6am-11pm)
  • Pay back your loan in manageable installments
  • You don’t need a guarantor
  • Borrow from £100 to £5000 (subject to affordability)
  • Short-term loans can help to build up your credit rating

Should I apply for a short term loan?

Depending on your circumstances, you should apply if:

  • Have an unexpected expense needing a lump sum
  • Would like to replace tired or worn out furniture or items at home
  • Need a quick decision at that moment
  • Do not want to take out a payday loan
  • Wish to repay your loan by monthly instalments
  • Like the peace of mind knowing exactly how much you will have to repay each month

How important is my Credit Score?

Your credit score is like the DNA of your financial history. Every loan, mobile phone contract, credit card, mortgage loan application approval or rejection, late payments or defaults will be recorded on your credit history. It is your financial life story that tells any potential lender everything they need to know about how financially responsible or irresponsible you have been.

There are companies like Experian who will collect all the data relating to your financial activities and record them onto your credit history file and determine a credit score. If you take out a loan it will be recorded, if you make good timely payments, they will also be recorded which will improve your credit score. Any late payments, defaults or rejected loan applications will negatively impact your credit score.

It is important to look after your credit score. Any financial mishaps will negatively affect your credit score which makes it difficult or more expensive to take out loans in the future. It is easy to damage your credit score but takes work and effort to repair it. Sometimes it can take up to six months for an improvement to be recorded on your credit report.

Payday loan direct lenders are in the business of lending small amounts of money for short periods of time. There is a very fast turnaround which means that they will look at more than just your credit history. Your employment status and how much you earn are equally as important when applying for your bad credit loan.

Declined for a bad credit loan?

If you are declined for a loan due to bad credit what are your other options to getting the cash you need fast? You could look at using a credit card, or overdraft. You have to be wary of overdrafts since if you have not arranged it with your bank, they will change you more than you would have paid with a payday loan. Below we have listed your alternatives to payday loans.

  • Sell some of your possessions on eBay.
  • Ask Family or Friends for a loan.
  • Take out an overdraft from your bank.
  • Pay using your credit card.
  • Budgeting your household expenses.
  • Take on a second job.
  • Ask for a pay rise.

All of the above options are available to you but when you need a small amount of cash for a short period of time then payday loans offer you speed, convenience and flexibility even if you do have bad credit can still have access to UK payday loans for instant cash.

I am finding handing my debts difficult, what should I do?

If you find yourself in difficulties and are unable to make your repayments, we strongly advise that you contact your creditor immediately, we also recommend that you speak to the companies listed below.

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to