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What are the best payday loans?

There are so many payday lenders out there all claiming to offer the best rates on the market, the best repayment terms, the fairest approach. It can be confusing as to which one to apply for, every payday lender is different, and everyone has circumstances which are different. Therefore, Cashute does not use one single direct lender to match your needs, instead, we work with a panel of lenders where we work to match you to the best payday loan provider to suit your needs.

These types of short-term payday loans are designed to provide people with small sums of money which are normally repaid the next month hence the name payday loans.

Instant payday loans are small quick loans which people turn to when sudden financial emergencies arose and need to deal with quickly and repaid the following month after your next pay cheque comes through.

There are many Direct lenders that have created they claim are the best payday loans which can be paid into your account within 15 mins† of applying to an offer from a lender.

These instant payday loans continue to be a popular method to solve short term financial issues in the UK. Our direct lenders help thousands of individuals each day who apply for instant loans.

This may sound surprising that payday loans continue to be popular despite payday loans receiving poor publicity in the news over recent years. This goes to show that short term loans provide a valuable tool to fix a short-term financial problem.

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During an emergency no one wants to spend hours searching for the best payday loan, we just want to fill in one form and be done with it, this is what you get when you apply for your short-term loan through Cashute.

We do all the searching for you, just fill in the application form, submit the form and we will endeavor to find the best payday loan to suit your circumstances. You could receive and offer within minutes of submitting your application, and when approved you could have the quick loan in your account within 15 minutes† after accepting the loan offer.

Do I need a credit check to apply for a best payday loan

The Financial Conduct Authority requires that all lenders perform a hard credit check on all applications they receive? When you apply for a payday loan through Cashute your application soft matched against the direct lender most likely to fund the loan, this soft credit check will not impact on your credit score or credit report.

A direct lender will only perform a hard credit check when you accept a loan offer from the lender.

Don’t worry if you have a very bad credit score, we work with direct lenders in the UK which specialise in bad credit payday loans they handle many thousands of applications each and every day, so they are familiar with the market and how to determine the best payday loan for you.


Annual interest rate of 292% (Fixed)

For example:

£200 borrowed for 35 days

Annual interest rate of 292% (Fixed)

Total amount payable is £256

1212% APR Representative


No paperwork

Flexible repayment

Fast Deposits

No Credit Foot Print

Instant decision

Which best Payday loan is suitable for me?

We find the best payday loan for you when you have a broken freezer leaking water all over the floor or the car is stuck in the local garage. If you just can’t wait until next payday to come around applying for a short term loan through Cashute may be the most time efficient way of getting those funds into your account quickly. We will match your application to the best payday lender amongst our trusted panel of over 50 direct lenders.

These instant loans are for short term borrowing, we never recommend taking out a payday loan for long term borrowing.

Can I apply online for the best payday loan?

Yes, you can apply for your payday loan online, there is no need to send in any physical copies of your documents to us. No need to attach any documents when applying through Cashute.

Unlike your local bank or building society which may ask you to provide various forms, we won’t. Our application process is paper-free, everything is done online. We don’t expect you to start turning your house upside down searching documents when you want to just focus on the sudden financial emergency.

You can apply via P.C, mobile phone or tablet, the whole process has been designed to be as streamlined as possible to apply for your quick loan.

Be make sure to enter all your details accurately as any mistakes may lead to your application being declined.

All applications via Cashute are no-obligation, but if approved for your payday loan you could have the money in your account same day or even hours of accepting the payday loan.

Details of your regular monthly income and outgoings

Mobile phone number

Valid email address

Home address for the last three years

Your Bank account

Your Debit card information

Woman Applying for short term loan

Fast, Free & Easy No-Obligation Application Process


Choose Loan Amount & Term

Simply chose how much you wish to borrow and over how many months you wish to repay the loan


Fill in the Application form

Fill in our simple application form which takes only a few minutes and then apply for your loan


Receive Your Cash

We send your application to our panel of lenders, once approved you will receive the funds directly to your bank account

Is applying for the best payday loan via your site safe?

Your data is encrypted between your web browser and our web server is all encrypted from the moment you visit our site.

We will never store your data on any of our databases, we repeat, we NEVER hold any of your personal details EVER, only you and your lender will see your personal details.

All best Payday loan direct lenders follow very strict procedures to guarantee that your personal details are kept secure at all times.

Cashute is registered with the Information Commissioner Office which regulates how companies handle your data.

Car Repair

Unexpected Bills

Broken Boiler



Living Expenses

Home Improvements

I need money now, how much can I borrow?

You can apply for a short-term loan through Cashute for any amount between £100 all the way up to £5000. You can choose the amount you wish to borrow on your application form along with the loan term. If you wish to borrow £300 over 6 months just select that option the on the form. Some direct lenders may suggest a longer or shorter repayment period.

Why do you ask for my bank details?

During your loan application process the lender will request your bank details. The reason they do so is to verify your identity along with having the information they need to deposit the funds into your bank account. Your bank details are secure in the sense that only you and the direct lender will have the details. Cashute does not have access to your bank details.

What is the best payday loan interest?

The best payday loans are those which have the lowest interest rates, these types of payday loans are available to borrowers who have the best credit scores. Although if you have very bad credit you can still apply for a payday loan. If you want to improve the credit score you can by taking the time to close unused credit cards accounts and unused bank accounts.

Payday loans have always had a much higher APR, this is because of this a specialised loan which is designed to be repaid the following month. If you are worried about the cost of a payday loan you can rest assured that all the direct lenders we work with are heavily regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority. The FCA is responsible for determining the rules which must be followed by all authorised direct lenders such as how much interest can be charged on a payday loan which is at the moment just 0.8% per day.

As with anything popular you will get competition, this competition has seen APRs of over 2,000% drop too much lower APRs today and we expect the APR to drop even further in the future as more direct lenders start to offer instant payday loans.

Will a credit check lower my credit score?

There are two types of credit checks, a soft credit check, and a hard credit check, only a hard credit check may affect your credit score, to learn more about credit checks and credit scores take the time to read about credit checks. What is a Credit Check? Hard & Soft Credit Checks Explained

The simple answer is it depends on what sort of credit check is being performed and how frequently hard credit checks are performed.

Can I apply for the best payday loan with very bad credit?

Yes you can apply for the best loan with very bad credit, we have access to a trusted panel of direct lenders who will be happy to help you with your application for an instant payday loan, filling in our online application form takes just a few minutes and comes with no obligation to you, if you choose you do not want to proceed with the loan you are under no obligation to do so, let us do the search for the best payday loan for you.


How do I apply for a loan?

To apply for a loan is simple, collect your bank details, provided you meet the criteria listed below you can start your application process:

  • 18 years old
  • UK resident
  • Hold a UK bank account.
  • Employed with a regular salary (so you can repay the money that you borrow).
  • Bank details to hand.

Once completed submit the application form by clicking on the “Apply” button and wait for a response from one of our direct lenders as soon as we find the best match for you, this should not take long.

When you receive the loan proposal can decide if you wish to proceed with offer, if you do want to proceed with the loan just apply and the funds will be deposited into your bank account within hours, always remember that you can apply with no obligation even if you have bad credit as many direct lenders support payday loans bad credit.

I need advice on my debts. What should I do?

If you find yourself in difficulties and are unable to make your repayments we strongly advise that you contact your creditor immediately, we also recommend that you speak to the companies listed below.

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to