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Guarantor loans explained.

A guarantor loan is when you have another person a friend or family member who will be responsible for paying back the loan if you are unable to do so. These guarantor loans mean that you need to ask your friend or family member to provide their consent and details on the guarantor loan application form before you can apply for a short-term loan.

Guarantor loans assist people in getting access to emergency loans when they otherwise would have been declined. Nowadays direct lenders are more likely to offer bad credit credits without requiring the need for a guarantor.

The person who would act as the guarantor would need to have good credit history and prove their ability to repay if the person who took out the loan was unable to repay. These guarantor loans are a good option for people who have a little credit history or bad credit rating. We work with our panel of lenders to help people find the best direct lenders for their circumstances.

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Can anyone act as a guarantor for my loan?

When applying for a guarantor loan it is common to ask a friend or family member who is over 21 years old with a UK bank account and a good credit history.

Many direct lenders will also expect the person acting as the guarantor to also be a homeowner the reason for this is that as a homeowner. The guarantor would have equity in their home allowing them to borrow larger amounts of money if they need to which is secured against the property. Although more and more direct lenders now offer guarantor loans without expecting the guarantor to be a homeowner.

When you are thinking about who to approach to be your guarantor it is important to keep somethings in mind. First of all the guarantor cannot be link financially to you in the sense that they can’t be someone with you share financial responsibilities with such as paying a mortgage together or a car loan together.

Another thing to keep in mind is that whomever you ask must be trust you so hence why most guarantors tend to be family members or close friends who understands your financial situation. You need to be open and honest about your financial circumstances with them and have a plan on how you will repay the loan to the direct lender. This will put your guarantors mind at ease when they decide to go ahead with the guarantor loan.

Annual interest rate of 292% (Fixed)

For example:

£200 borrowed for 35 days

Annual interest rate of 292% (Fixed)

Total amount payable is £256

1212% APR Representative



Applying for short term loan on mobile

Finding the best guarantor loan for me.

With guarantor loans, you need to keep in mind that everyone is different and therefore each circumstance and situation will be unique. This is something which you need to keep in mind when applying for a guarantor loan. You will find that direct lender offers a wide range of guarantor loans for people with bad credit.

As with other types of loans such as payday loans and short-term loans, direct lenders will always look at your personal situation along with your credit history. So, more people who otherwise would not have qualified for a loan are now able to get a guarantor loan online.

As more direct lenders start to offer guarantor loans you will see more competition which will lead to lower APRs which is good for the consumer.

We work with our partner with their panel of direct lenders in the UK to provide you with a fast and efficient service to find the best short-term loan to suit your requirements.

What do I need to apply?

Applying for a loan is straightforward and is all online.

Before you start your application have this ready:

Details of your regular monthly income and outgoings

Mobile phone number

Valid email address

Home address for the last three years

Your Bank account

Your Debit card information

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How quickly will guarantor loans be paid into my account?

When you are facing an emergency and need funds quickly it is important that direct lenders can get the funds into your account as quickly as possible.

How quickly the money makes it to your account is based on various factors such as how much you are looking to borrow and over what period you are looking to repay the loan. The money can be in your account the same day the loan has been approved or for larger amounts for short term guarantor loans, it could take a couple of days.

Our partners’ panel of direct lenders has a wide range of guarantor loans and other short-term loan products which are there to help people with bad credit. Short term loans and payday loans do have a higher APR than longer-term instalment loans, we strongly recommend that these short-term loans, payday loans, and guarantor loans are used for emergency short term purposes only.

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Can I get approved for a loan before I apply?

All loan applications need to as per The Financial Conduct Authority rule include a credit check. As much as we would love to tell you that there is such a thing as a guaranteed loan, unfortunately, there is not, since each individual application must be assessed for its suitability to repay the loan.

When you submit your application, it is put through a soft credit match to determine which lenders are likely to approve your loan application prior to applying for the loan.

Performing the soft credit search makes the whole application process much faster which means the money in your account faster and there is the advantage that a soft credit search will not impact your credit score should your application be declined.

Cashutes partner panel of direct lenders is all authorised and regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority who all by law follow strict guidelines.

Benefits of Instant loans

The biggest benefit is, of course, the ability to respond to an unexpected event with a lump sum of cash. But, compared to other types of credit, there are other benefits to applying for a short-term loan through Cashute:

  • Funds in your account within the hour (hourly payouts between 6am-11pm)
  • Pay back your loan in manageable installments
  • You don’t need a guarantor
  • Borrow from £100 to £5000 (subject to affordability)
  • Short-term loans can help to build up your credit rating

Should I apply for a Quick loan?

Depending on your circumstances, you should apply if:

  • Have an unexpected expense needing a lump sum
  • Would like to replace tired or worn out furniture or items at home
  • Need a quick decision at that moment
  • Do not want to take out a payday loan
  • Wish to repay your loan by monthly instalments
  • Like the peace of mind knowing exactly how much you will have to repay each month

I am really struggling with my debts, What can I do?

It is normal to feel like you want to ignore the problem and hope it goes away.If you are having problems meeting your monthly repayment it is important to contact your creditor to see if you can rearrange your repayments.

If you have multiple outgoings per month to multiple creditors you may want to consider a consolidation loan. This is a preferred way to bring all payments you may have under one monthly sum. If you are not able to secure a consolidation loan, then we strongly recommend contacting your creditors immediately the sooner you can address the issue the sooner you can get it sorted and avoid any charges.

The Financial Conduct Authority place a requirement on all lenders to provide a duty of care to help all customers who are going through financial difficulties.

We recommend that you also seek the advice of the companies list below, they are there to help you, they offer free debt advice.

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to