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What are Bad Credit Loans?

Bad credit loans are loans which people who have bad credit can apply for, while there is no exact specific type of loan which is called a “bad credit loan” many people with bad credit search for these types of loans on Google. If you do have bad credit It can be a worry that your application may be turned down due to your poor credit score. When a lender considers a loan application one of the things, they will examine is your current credit score to determine the level of risk which you present.

Bad credit loans are very useful to people who have poor credit scores and are looking for a short-term loan. When you are searching for a payday loan with bad credit it can feel that no lender will consider your application.

At Cashute we connect your application for a bad credit loan to wide range of specialist short-term lenders that have many years of experience in handling thousands of loan applications from people with bad credit each day.

Nowadays lenders do not just look at the state of your credit history, they will also consider other factors such as your current employment status and weekly or monthly income to see if you can afford the repayments.

What makes Bad Credit Loans different?

A bad credit loan is a loan like any other short-term payday loan which direct lenders offer which other traditional lenders may turn down due to your bad credit score.

Many specialist payday direct lenders specialise in dealing with applications for loans from people with bad credit. It is not unusual for a direct payday lender to process many thousands of loan applications per day from people with bad credit. If you feel that you may be refused a loan from traditional high street lenders, then the panel of direct lenders we connect to will accept your application for a bad credit loan.

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How Do Bad Credit Payday Loans Work?

Each direct payday lender has their own specific eligibility criteria to determine your suitability. Every direct lender uses their own propriety formulas to measure individual applications such as monthly income, monthly outgoings and your ability to repay the loan. Direct payday lenders view you as more than just your credit score. Direct lenders understand that not everyone has a prefect credit score and they do make allowances to be able to grant loans to people with bad credit.

Will I Need A Credit Check For My Bad Credit Loan?

Any time someone applies for credit in the UK it is required by law that a credit check is performed to prevent irresponsible lending to protect you and the lender. The Financial Conduct Authority has set out these rules which all lenders which are regulated and authorised must adhere to.

You might see some direct lenders advertise “no credit check loans”, but what this means is that when you submit your application the lender first performs a soft credit check to see if in principle you would qualify for a loan.

Only when you accept a loan offer will a hard credit check be performed. Unlike a soft credit which does not leave a foot print a hard credit check will be visible to any other lender who views your credit report.

You will want to minimise the number of consumer credit applications you make in a short period of time. Lenders might view multiple hard credit checks as a sign that you reply too heavily on credit to get by.

Even though a lender will perform a credit check they do not base their decision of whether to grant you a loan on your credit score alone. They will also examine your income and outgoings.

Annual interest rate of 292% (Fixed)

For example:

£200 borrowed for 35 days

Annual interest rate of 292% (Fixed)

Total amount payable is £256

1212% APR Representative

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Who Can Apply For Bad Credit Loans?

Provided you are over 18 years old, are in employment and can prove an income, plus have a bank account then you can apply for a bad credit loan. Bear in mind that the lenders we connect with look at more than just your bad credit when assessing your application for a loan.

What Is The Lending Criteria For A Bad Credit Loan?

Each direct lender uses their own proprietary formulas to determine your eligibility for a loan. They will look at the number of loans which you currently have outstanding as well as your current income. They will also look at how many applications you have made for loans you have made when you apply for a bad credit loan.

How To Apply For Loans For Bad Credit?

Applying for your bad credit loan could not be easier. All you need to do is navigate to the application page and fill in your details. Here you will be asked some simple straight forward questions regarding your income, what your month expenses are, the purpose for the loan and your personal contact details.

Once you have filled in all of the fields you can submit it at which point we connect your application to a panel of UK direct payday lenders. You will receive your decision in minutes of applying. At this point you can decide If you want to proceed with the loan.

What do I need to apply?

Applying for a loan is straightforward and is all online.

Before you start your application have this ready

Details of your regular monthly income and outgoings

Mobile phone number

Valid email address

Home address for the last three years

Your Bank account

Your Debit card information

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Choose Loan Amount & Term

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Fill in the Application form

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Receive Your Cash

We send your application to our panel of lenders, once approved you will receive the funds directly to your bank account

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When Will I Get the Money paid into my bank?

Normally the cash will be deposited into your bank account same day or within an hour. This can depend on the time of day and in a large part your bank deposit polices can also affect the deposit time. When you are ready to make your application, you can apply for a bad credit loan now.

What Can I Use A Bad Credit Loan For?

What you spend the loan on is your decision. Although most people tend to apply for bad credit payday loans when they need access to money to address a sudden financial emergency such as paying for car repairs or replacing a household appliance. We would never recommend that short-term loans for bad credit are used for long term borrowing, nor do we recommend that payday loans are used for anything other than financial emergencies.

Will Taking Out A Bad Credit Loan Affect My Credit History?

Appling for too many loans in a short period of time can affect your credit rating. If you are looking to take out a loan and wish to improve your bad credit rating taking out a loan and paying it off on time will have a positive impact on your credit rating.

Try not to apply for too many consumer credit products in a short space of time or lender might consider that you are too dependent on loans.

Car Repair

Unexpected Bills

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Living Expenses

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What Happens If I Can’t Make Repayments On A Bad Credit Loan?

If you are finding it a struggle to keep up repayments on your bad credit loan, we suggest you contact your lender directly as soon as possible. You may be able to work out a suitable payment plan without incurring fees. If you fall behind on your loan repayments, you may incur fees and may affect your credit rating.

What Should I Expect when Borrowing Bad Credit Loans via Cashute?

All the direct lenders which Cashute connects with are registered and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. You can rest assured that these lenders abide by the highest possible standards when it comes to treating customers fairly and providing a fast and transparent service.

When you are offered a bad credit loan your direct lender will provide you with a loan contract that will detail the amount you will need to repay, the term of the loan, the interest rate and any other fees which are relevant to you.

Benefits of short term loans

The biggest benefit is, of course, the ability to respond to an unexpected event with a lump sum of cash. But, compared to other types of credit, there are other benefits to applying for a short-term loan through Cashute:

  • Funds in your account within the hour (hourly payouts between 6am-11pm)
  • Pay back your loan in manageable installments
  • You don’t need a guarantor
  • Borrow from £100 to £5000 (subject to affordability)
  • Short-term loans can help to build up your credit rating

Should I apply for a short term loan?

Depending on your circumstances, you should apply if:

  • Have an unexpected expense needing a lump sum
  • Would like to replace tired or worn out furniture or items at home
  • Need a quick decision at that moment
  • Do not want to take out a payday loan
  • Wish to repay your loan by monthly instalments
  • Like the peace of mind knowing exactly how much you will have to repay each month

Bad Credit Loans via Cashute

Despite our best efforts to keep our finances in order there are times when even the best laid plans come up against unforeseen events.

When you need cash now to pay off urgent bills being able to get an instant loan fast can take a lot of weight off your shoulders.

Having poor credit due to past financial mistakes which may have been out of our control can make the process of applying for a bad credit loan stressful. Rest assured that even though you may have bad credit that will not disqualify you from applying for a bad credit loan today.

All of the direct lenders we work with understand that not everyone has a perfect credit score and as such they have designed their loan products to meet the demand for bad credit loans. Direct payday lenders in the UK welcome applications for bad credit loans.

Some direct lenders will only handle applications from people with great credit score whilst avoiding those with bad credit scores for bad credit loans. This makes getting a bad credit loan harder for people who need cash now to pay those urgent demanding bills quickly.

When you apply for a bad credit loan via Cashute you can rest assured that the panel of lenders we connect your application to are experienced in handling bad credit loan requests. With many 1,000’s of loan applications processed each day from people with all ranges of credit scores you can be assured that your bad credit score will not be something they have not yet seen or dealt with. Direct lenders will always consider your current financial circumstances such as how much you earn and your ability to repay the loan.

Fast no nonsense loan application process

When those bills start to pile up and you need to pay them off then a short-term loan could be the very thing you need to sort them out.

If the car has packed up and needs repairing again a short-term loan might be better than having to dip into your savings. Sometimes cash flow is important and using your savings to pay bills might leave you without any financial safety cushion.

Applying for a bad credit loan via Cashute is fast and easy. You could have the money in your account within an hour of applying so that you can get to work paying those bills off.

How do I apply for the best payday loan?

To apply a loan is simple. Provided you meet the criteria listed below you can start your application process:

  • 18 years old
  • UK resident
  • Hold a UK bank account
  • Employed with a regular salary (so you can repay the money that you borrow).
  • Bank details to hand

Once completed submit the application form by clicking on the “Apply” button and we’ll find the best match for you. The search will not take long and you’ll have a response in minutes.

When you receive the loan proposal can decide if you wish to proceed with the offer. If you do want to proceed with the loan just apply and the funds will be deposited into your bank account within hours, always remember that you can apply with no obligation even if you have bad credit as many direct lenders support payday loans bad credit.

I am finding handing my debts difficult, what should I do?

If you find yourself in difficulties and are unable to make your repayments, we strongly advise that you contact your creditor immediately, we also recommend that you speak to the companies listed below.

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to